Visit our venue, join a practice session!

We will be at Vietnam Korea University (VKU) which is 15 minutes away from the city center.
You can meet us every Saturday, 4.00 PM at the spot which you can see on the map below.

  • Every Saturday
  • 4:00 PM
  • At VKU, DaNang

Cannot find our Cricket Ground in Danang?

 Click here to locate on Google map 
We are on the main stadium of Vietnam Korea University (VKU),
Hoà Hải, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Da Nang 550000, Vietnam.

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We welcome women, men and teens who are keen to play/learn cricket with us. Sponsors can support our good work and get a perfect reputation through our professional network.

To become a member, or a sponsor, just fill the registration form and submit us. Meanwhile you can contact us using our social media channels.

Brains Behind Our Awesome Cricket Club

DaNang Dragons Cricket Club was founded by expats in Central Vietnam, especially in DaNang and HoiAn. We will never forget those every individual who powered this awesome cricket club, though we must mention some important names here.

Before moving further, we again have to thank everyone who was a part of our cricket club in Vietnam. Without you, we will not come so far!

Lee Knowles

Meet Mr. Lee Knowles

He was born in Wales and moved to Vietnam for professional work. Mr. Lee has been a co-founder, decision maker and also an advisor to club’s members and worked hard to build our club’s reputation among other cricket clubs located in Saigon, southern Vietnam. This true gentleman was a former member of ENGLISH CRICKET CLUB OF SAIGON (ECCS) and currently plays for Danang Dragons in the middle order as an allrounder.

Simon Burns

Mr. Simon Burns

He is not only a co-founder, but also a great partner of our club who sponsors us regularly. Currently he plays as an opening batsman and a wicket-to-wicket bowler. This Australian gentleman is one of the committee members and a decision maker for the club. Without his support, our club could fail many financial challenges from time to time.

Enrico Da Silva

Mr. Enrico Da Silva

Enrico is one of the fastest bowlers we have in Vietnam and he is the captain of Danang Dragons Cricket Club. From his childhood in South Africa, he played for school cricket and had the opportunity to play with some international cricket players such as Junior Dala. As the winning percentage is very high under his captaincy, we believe in Enrico and he is our key player of the team.

Collin Field

Mr. Collin Field

Collin is one of the experienced umpires we have in Vietnam. His early career started in Zimbabwe and later moved to Vietnam to support his professional life. This tough gentleman will never let anyone violate the rules in pure cricket. That is why we love him so much!

Sarah Field

Mrs. Sarah Field

This beautiful lady supports the Danang Dragons Cricket Club as an advisor, a scorer and a great friend. She has been a real mentor for our young cricketers for a long time, and we love to share our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts.

Jacques Addinall

Mr. Jacques Addinall

One of our best all rounders, currently plays for DDCC and HoiAn Honey Badgers. Jacques has supported our club and special events to get going, and we will love to see his big sixers again and again!

Mark Lachlan

Mr. Mark Lachlan

He is a member of the South Australian Cricket Association and a right handed batsman who plays cleverly. Currently he stays in Australia and visits Danang Dragons frequently to support the local cricket. We thank Mark so much for his time and effort!

Active Panel 2023

Name About
A P DilanthaHe takes responsibilities related to the club including organizing events, practice sessions, maintaining equipment, and groundwork. He is the club’s permanent IT manager from 2021.
Ankush BainslaAn experienced personal trainer, PT teacher, and a spiritual guru who helps the club with practice sessions.
Simon BurnsOne of our decision makers who manages beverages and refreshments requirements related to ongoing events.
Aneesh HareetHe manages food requirements related to ongoing events, using his food chain in Danang.
Quynh NganHelping the club to communicate with local Vietnamese on various occasions and events.